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Feeling dehydrated?? Let's figure out why more people feel dehydrated especially this time of the year.

Vannh Hibiscus Flower Tisane is perfect for your onset towards summer. While, there are a lot of other factors which make Hibiscus a super tea, the one which we want to highlight is how Hibiscus helps you stay hydrated.

Cup of hibiscus tea and hibiscus petals around

Well, hydration is no rocket science. You need to replenish your body with enough water in response to the loss due to the burning of nutrients. We have been doing that for ages, and one can’t really go wrong here. But here is something that no one talks about. We all know how our bodies require less water in winter versus summer, this is due to excessive sweating in summers. Our bodies are calibrated to understand the change in temperatures and ask for more water. But this temperature change was never supposed to be so drastic. Hence, the buffer seasons; autumn and spring. These seasons were supposed to ease our journey into the approaching big seasons (summer and winter) and give our bodies time to calibrate to the needs of the season gradually. Now, comes the change in global climate and the warming of Earth because of which the buffer seasons have reduced over time. This is the reason, why we suddenly jump from wearing jackets to switching on air conditioners. This is where our bodies do not get enough time to adapt to the rise in temperature or one can also say that the mind is unable to understand the signals of the body's actual requirement.

Pack of 50 gram Vannh Hibiscus Flower Tea with a cup and some books

So what happens now? As the temperature rises, we suddenly start losing out on essential body fluids, while not replenishing them enough, since we are not used to drinking so much water. Remember how in peak summers, our mouth went dry, that behaviour is something that has not kicked in yet. And this is where we start dehydrating. Some early symptoms of such dehydration are headaches, indigestion, fatigue, dry cough, pain in the joints, irritation in the eye, and uneasy sleep.

Cold brew of hibiscus flowers

It's like your own homemade energy drink.

How does Hibiscus help? Hibiscus tea is naturally hydrating, as it is high in Vitamin C and Antioxidants. Anthocyanins and Polyphenols, help the liver fight oxidative stress and thus making sure your biliary system works fine. At the same time, hibiscus also aids your digestive system and promotes bowel regularity. Plus, hibiscus tastes amazing and is a natural replacement for sugary artificial drinks which makes you further dehydrated. Moreover, hibiscus can also be cold brewed. So you can actually refrigerate a bottle and keep it with you whenever you are fatigued. It's like your own homemade energy drink.

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